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Cars recoded following towbar installation

After the installation of vehicle specific CANbus wiring kit, there will most likely be the need for a some recoding of the electronics system through the diagnostic connection. This is required in order to activate any towing related safety feature(s) that the vehicle may be equipped with, which will then function automatically when a trailer or caravan is connected to the towing socket.

The Autologic Diagnostic Tool allows Mota-bars to install towbar electrics exactly as the manufacturers Main Dealer would, updating and coding the vehicle specific wiring kit.

The car knows a towbar kit has been installed and will recognise the vehicle is towing when a trailer is plugged in.

The Diagnostic Tool works in conjunction with the Vehicle Specific Wiring kit (VSW) and can (in certain vehicles such as VW Passats & Golfs, Skoda Octavias etc) activate built in safety features in the vehicle such as Trailer Stability Program. This will detect any snaking motion from the trailer or caravan and bring it back under control using the brakes individually on the car.

Other features:

Fog light cut out
*This turns the vehicles fog lights off when a trailer is plugged in.

Reversing sensor cut out
*This deactivates the vehicle reversing sensors when a trailer is plugged in.

Dashboard indication
*Uses a light to signal trailer indicators are working.

Bulb failure detection
*Can detect if a bulb is not working on the trailer.

Using the Autologic diagnostic coding tool Mota-bars can initialise the vehicles built in towing safety features.

A Main Dealer equivalent installation at a significantly lower price.

Recoding also available for D.I.Y. towbar installations, call 01926-426382

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