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Vehicle technology has advanced and continues to progress at an alarming rate, so it is necessary to be at the forefront in finding a wiring harness solution which interfaces perfectly with vehicle's management systems.

Mota-bars supply a wide range of kits which when installed, do not compromise the vehicle's management systems and in many cases, actually interface and directly communicate with the features present in the vehicle.

This is simply an element of a CAN* protocol which is activated usually by the car acknowledging a trailer is connected. This is not done by any mechanical means, but by simply inserting the trailer plug into the towing socket. The car realises it has a trailer connected and now stimulates certain operating systems to wake up. The important features of these operations is that they DO NOT function if the car is fitted with by-pass technology.

Mota-bars use vehicle specific wiring kits which are directly mated to the vehicle's original connectors (where possible). This provides for a permanent 100% positive connection. Virtually all vehicles are equipped with a block connector terminal fitted into each light cluster. We supply kits, which consist of a male or female connector which plugs directly into the light cluster allowing for the tow bar wiring harness to be directly spurred off the original wiring loom. Click here for large image

* A DATABUS / CANBUS system is a computer network that transfers digital information from switches inside the vehicle to various functions such as lighting, electric windows and mirrors, etc. This system prevents overcapacity within the wiring loom. This system is also fitted with recovery functions e.g.: when an indicator light is defective, a rear brake light can take over this function.

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