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Types of towbar explained
Detacheble towbar unlockedDetachable systems are safe, reliable and easy to use - they offer the best of both worlds: a car with a towbar when towing and a car without when not. The design of the rear of the vehicle remains unaffected, because (when removed) the housing cannot be seen. The number plate always remains visible.

Detachable towbar off vehicleThis innovative technology has been proven in practice for many years. Quality is assured with QS 9000 and ISO 900.

A small turn is sufficient to unlock the ball effortlessly. Lockable detachable bars are supplied with a security lock, a bag for the towball and where possible a fold-away socket plate.

Detachable towbar fitted to vehicleDetachable towbars are useful for cars fitted with reversing sensors as often an ordinary bar would interfere with the sensors when not towing.

Mota-bars offer a number of different alternatives from Thule, Towtrust, GDW and Witter. All swanneck and detachable towbars come with the towball as standard as the ball is part of the neck.

Fixed Flange Ball Towbar
Fixed flange ball towbarTraditionally used in the UK for all serious forms of towing and generally the most cost effective option. A 50mm towball is bolted to a two or four hole plate (vehicle dependant) that also allows the fitting of a 25mm spacer so that accessories such as a towbar mounted cycle carrier can be used.

Swan Neck Vertical Detachable Tow Bar

Swan neck vertical detachable, Witter Quantum detachableThis type of tow bar allows for easy removal and fitting of the tow ball neck. The neck of the tow bar is inserted vertically into the actual tow bar fitted to the vehicle.  To prevent theft or unwanted removal of the tow bar neck a lock and key has been added. In most cases the bar is invisible underneath the vehicle when the neck is removed.

Detachable Flange Towbar

This version offers all the versatility of a fixed flange bar whilst leaving very little of the towbar visible when detached.
The video below explains the benefits of a detachable flange towbar below:

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