Motabars Guide to Remapping

What is remapping?

You may have heard of remapping, or chipping of cars, but what exactly does it mean and are there any benefits?

In simple terms, remapping is a method of improving your car’s performance (power and torque) by changing the software in your car’s computer also known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Car manufacturer’s often programme the ECU’s with performance restrictions in place to allow for the car to be sold worldwide and to help compensate for drivers who do not stick to service schedules or may use sub-standard fuels. They even use it as a selling tool with different models having different maps but the same engine.  Remapping removes these restrictions.

What are the benefits of remapping?

Remapping your vehicle will help achieve optimum performance and efficiency. You’ll feel more power and torque as you drive, meaning less gear changes and  greater fuel efficiency. The extent of performance improvement depends on the age, make and model of your car. Fuel efficiency is also influenced by how you drive, and where you drive.

Remapping –  insurance and warranty

Once upon a time, insurance companies would increase premiums for ‘modified’ engines; however the practice of remapping is now accepted more widely. You do need to inform your insurer if you go ahead with remapping, but they will more likely just take note of it and charge you no more.

Many tuning companies offer more than just a remap. You also get a supplementary warranty for complete peace of mind and a no quibble 14 day refund if not completely satisfied. 

A word of caution

There are remapping ‘practitioners’ out there who may offer to remap your vehicle for a bargain price – beware – this is a risky move. Tampering with the ECU risks engine damage unless carried out by a specialist provider.

Remapping your car at Motabars

Here at Motabars, we are a specialist provider for vehicle remaps. This means you can trust us to provide engine remapping, with all of the knowledge and checks in place to look after your car and release its optimum performance. Why not bring in your car or motorhome for remapping? You’ll be in safe hands.

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