Here at MotaBars we offer Caravanners a choice of products from the best manufacturers. Whether it be security or a mover we can help.

Purple Line design & manufacture beautiful 
caravan accessories that work in the real world.

Purple Line are a leading manufacturer of accessories for caravans and recreational vehicles. Purple Line’s portfolio of innovative products includes Caravan Motor Movers, Caravan Security Devices and Caravan Lifting & Levelling aids.

Full Stop Security is a market-leading brand of caravan security devices. The leading lights in the Full Stop Security brand are the Thatcham Approved Nemesis Ultra wheel lock and Saracen Gullwing hitch lock. They are the worlds first and only Thatcham approved caravan security products. The Full Stop Security range is comprehensive including wheel clamps, hitch locks, caravan leg locks, and locking wheel bolts

The Kojack range of caravan stability, lifting and levelling aids lead the way in caravan and trailer specific jacks and tools to ensure caravanners can travel safely and get a perfectly level pitch when on site. The Kojack caravan jack includes specially designed brackets which create a safe jacking point on a caravan, which otherwise don’t have one.

e-go Caravan Movers are Purple Line’s premium brand of Caravan Motor Movers. The e-go Titanium and e-go Platinum are two of the most popular caravan movers on the market. They are designed to be as light as possible, coming in at up to 28% lighter than similar products from other manufacturers.

The Purple Line range of products including the Thatcham Approved Nemesis Ultra and Saracen Gullwing Security devices, e-go Titanium and e-go Platinum Caravan motor Movers and Kojack Lifting and levelling aids are all designed to make life easier and help our customers enjoy their holidays that little bit more.

The e-go range has been designed and developed without compromise.

The concept was simple – to build a range of caravan movers with emphasis on uniting precision engineering and innovative product features. A winning combination that makes an e-go the perfect choice and up to 28% lighter than other leading brands.

The e-go range is powered by Quattro® technology. Quattro® technology is exclusive to the e-go range of caravan movers. This intelligent modular system, featuring soft-start, allows any model in the e-go range to be used on single, twin and AWD installations. The system even allows retro-fit upgrades meaning that a twin system can be upgraded to All Wheel Drive at any time. This clever technology gives you ultimate flexibility, future proofing your purchase. Quattro®technology gives you peace of min

The new e-go TITANIUM is a top of the range remote control caravan motor mover combining expert engineering with intelligent electrical technology to create one of the best movers on the market today.

The e-go TITANIUM was designed in Purple Line’s UK Innovation centre. It has been designed with only one thing in mind; saving weight. Our design engineers have taken every opportunity to reduce weight, including hollow cast alloy rollers, a tailor-made crossbar and a lightweight alloy body meaning the e-go TITANIUMweighs in at only 23kg per two motors.

The e-go TITANIUM has been rigorously tested to ensure that these weight savings do not compromise the build quality, strength, longevity or ease of use of the mover. Even with all these weight savings the e-go TITANIUM still includes dual wheel engagement, meaning that this manual engagement motor mover can be fully engaged from either side of the caravan or trailer.

All of this leads to a weight saving of 9.5kg on our previous model, and over 10kg on movers from other leading brands; that is up to 10% of your personal payload. This allows you to carry more of the things you really need for your holiday.

The e-go TITANIUM uses Quattro® technology. This intelligent modular system, featuring soft-start, allows any model in the e-go range to be used on single, twin and AWD installations. The system even allows retro-fit upgrades meaning that a twin system can be upgraded to All Wheel Drive at any time. This clever technology gives you ultimate flexibility, future proofing your purchase.

e-go TITANIUM … See the light

Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm System

The Autowatch 650 Security Systems is really simple to use and designed to give you years of trouble free operation. Made with the highest quality components and using state of the art technology you can be assured that your caravan is well protected.


Encrypted Remote control-4 Button
Touch Key override

NOTE: Battery is not included


Wireless P.I.R. (Wired PIR optional)
Wireless Leg sensor (Wired Leg sensor optional)

Security Features

Awning Light Flashing
Remote Panic Alarm Facility
Instant Alarm Trigger
Alarm System Battery Back-up
Pager Output (neg out)
Anti tamper Security Housing

Convenience Features

Temporary inner Zone Sensor Exclusion
silent arm/Disarm via Remotes
Awning Courtesy Light illumination
Low battery indication of Main Battery
Low battery Indication of Battery back-up
False Alarm Nuisance Prevention

Autowatch Track & Trace ATT3 System – Caravan

Autowatch Track & Trace ATT3 System – Designed to make sure it stays where you last parked it. If it gets taken, we will know about it and help get it back.

The Autowatch Track & Trace ATT3 system has the latest in GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking technology. The sealed control module in the caravan can be remotely re-programmed from the control centre via the GPRS network. This allows the system to be upgraded without having to access the control module on the caravan.

The features offered are as follows:

  • Thatcham TQA Insurance approval for Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.
  • Insurance discounts offered by most insurance companies.
  • Standard subscription of £149pa. Username and password allows limited 12hr positioning of the vehicle location on your own PC or mobile phone. Subscription can be upgraded to have continuous live tracking and unlimited access to historic trips made. Then gives location, speed, time of day and time taken per trip including total distance travelled.
  • 24/7 365 days a year monitoring via a control centre.
  • Optional Geofence violation notification via email.
  • Optional overspeed notification via email.
  • Optional low caravan battery notification.
  • Optional movement sensor alert.
  • Optional link to an alarm trigger.
  • Optional hidden emergency/panic button.
  • Optional caravan battery disconnection notification.
  • Control module has a rechargeable back-up battery.
  • Detailed mapping and high accuracy over UK, Ireland and Europe.
  • Can be transferred to a new owner when the caravan is sold on.
  • Small compact covert black box. The unit is hidden to thwart easy detection by a thief.
  • Best reliability with a 3 year warranty.