Rhino Other Products

Rear Door Ladder

Rear door ladders have been designed with user-friendly round hand rails and anti-slip tread plates to enhance safety.  Bespoke fitting kits (available for most popular van models) make installation quick and easy.

Supplied with anti-slip treads as standard


The PipeTube incorporates strength, style and security to provide the best method of transporting copper pipe, conduit or similarly lengthy materials.

Innovative design and high specification materials have ensured the PipeTube has passed a rigorous testing process.

The PipeTube design enables the transportation of up to 50 x 15mm
copper tubes or similar materials.

The Side Mounted PipeTube is only available for modular roof racks in combination with a 3 metre PipeTube.

Load Stops

Rhino Delta bars have been designed to keep your load secure.

At 16cm high, and with a quick release system, these superb load stops will fit all Rhino Delta bars.

Rear Roller Systems

Unloading and loading made easier!

The Rear Roller System attaches on to the rear Delta Bar and provides an easy way to load and unload onto the bar area whilst protecting the rear of the vehicle.

The Rear Roller is available in various widths to accommodate all vehicle sizes.