June 1, 2020

Get ready for your staycation

With flights suspended and the British weather behaving itself, many of us are looking to stay in the UK this summer, and to seek new adventures closer to home. Here is our guide to smart preparations for your 2020 staycation. Packing Many of us love to load our vehicles to the hilt when setting off … Continue reading “Get ready for your staycation”

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Motabars Guide to Towbars

The days of towbar fitting being a quick fit drive-in drive-out service are well behind us. With sophisticated wiring systems and need for cars to be stripped of bumper and trim for fitting, not to mention strict rules and added technology for increased safety, installation can take up to 4 hours to complete. So it … Continue reading “Motabars Guide to Towbars”

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May 28, 2020

Motabars Guide to Towing

Whether you are towing for practical reasons, or for pleasure, it’s essential to follow these guidelines to help you tow safely and responsibly. Here are some things you should know: Do you need a licence to tow? First of all, the combined weight of trailer and vehicle that you can drive are dependent on when … Continue reading “Motabars Guide to Towing”

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Motabars Guide to Loading a Trailer

Safe loading of trailers is essential for keeping you legal, protecting your load, and ensuring you are towing on the open road responsibly. Here are some guidelines so you can be confident you are loading and towing correctly. Correct towing weight It is illegal and also unsafe to overload your trailer. It can be confusing … Continue reading “Motabars Guide to Loading a Trailer”

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May 21, 2020

Motabars Guide to Bike Racks

There’s nothing more exciting than loading up your bikes and setting off for a day out in search of trails, cycle routes and open countryside. Most of us are keen to load up and be on our way as quickly as possible, so it’s important to choose the right bike rack for your vehicle and … Continue reading “Motabars Guide to Bike Racks”

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