Parking Sensors

Parking sensor

Parking sensors have made the tricky job of squeezing a car into a parking space much easier, by providing audible warnings of approaching hazards that drivers can react too.


Here at MotaBars we offer several options for Parking Sensors our most popular sets cost:

Rear sensors £189

Front Sensors £250

Rear and Front sensors together £400

This design sit on the bumper by 3mm and are colour coded.  From sensors work from a switch.

We also offer a flush fit OEM factory look parking sensor and also integrated reverse cameras for most vehicles. When finished the car will look like it came from the factory with them, these are popular with BMW and VAG group dealers because of this. We are able to match the fronts to a car that only has rears and add a full set to a car with none. These sensors work in a different way, working off the brake pedal and only work below 6mph. They come with a 3 or 5 year warranty, the cost is as follows:

Front sensors from £350

Rear sensors from £250

Front and rear from £500

Sensors can be colour coded to match your vehicle.

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