Vehicle Security Locks


Vehicle security is something that is getting increasingly more important as the theft of tools and vans is increasing day by day. Most new vehicles can be protected by a Ghost Immobiliser that will stop anyone stealing the vehicle and comes with a money back guarantee. However they are not always interested in the vehicle itself, what they want is usually inside. For this we offer a range of additional locks that can help prevent and deture the most ardent of thieves from attempting a break in.


We supply Locks4vans locks for most commercial vehicles. There are a range of different types of locks and depending on what vehicle you have and which doors you want the locks on depends on what is best for you.


A Deadlock is a mechanical device fitted to a vehicle door. It operates by sliding a shaft into a housing fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key.

As Deadlocks are under the control of the driver, they are generally only appropriate for owner drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock.

L4V kits are vehicle door specific and contain all the required fixings, fittings and instructions to enable a technician to perform a neat installation. All L4V cylinders, housings and plugs are plated in highly durable satin nickel to maintain a consistent and long-lasting appearance. External trims are available as either UV stabilised black Nylon, or satin nickel-plated brass to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. Both versions are suitable for fitment to vehicle bodywork without causing damage to paintwork. Note Black external trims supplied as standard.

To ensure that our kits are the most appropriate for the specific application, we use a wide range of lock cases, cylinders and ancillary components. They are all manufactured to European standards and our own exacting specifications. Our Deadlocks are available in both S Series and our T Series, to suit both application and budget Vehicle door specific kits offer the widest range of cylinder lengths available as standard and the keeps & brackets are finished in textured powder coat to prevent corrosion There are Master keying and custom options available

Slam Locks

A slam lock is a device that automatically locks the vehicle door immediately it is shut, this does not require any operation by the driver, the downside is that you can lock yourself out of the van.

It is primarily designed for applications such as multi drop delivery, high value loads and applications where the owner/ operator requires control over the security of their goods. It is the function that appeals as much as the security.

Another major advantage with mechanical slam locks is total control. Electronic systems often have either global (all doors) or area (load or cab) unlocking- this leaves the unrequired doors vulnerable until the auto relock action operates. Slam locks do not have this vulnerability.

L4V slam locks integrate with the vehicle manufacturers’ locking systems. This provides Maximum Security along with straightforward installation. They combine a genuine Security Slam operation with a high visual deterrent and a pleasing appearance.

All L4V slam lock kits are designed with escape from locked load areas, via the manufacturers own internal exit mechanism in mind. This is an extremely important feature as it ensures compliance with Health & Safety at work and Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

L4V kits are vehicle door specific and contain all the required fixtures, fittings and instructions to enable a technician to perform a cost-effective professional installation.

Cable Guards

Cable Guarddesigned to shield certain door looms from attack by thieves.

Thieves have discovered that if certain wires in the doors loom are shorted, usually whilst cutting, that this actually unlocks the doors giving immediate access into the vehicle. This means not only have you lost the vehicle contents, but you cannot lock any doors until the loom is replaced. Consequently, demand for replacement looms from Ford has led to lengthy back order-times.

Ford have now recalled all new Transits and are making a modification that stops the doors unlocking when the door loom is ‘shorted’, however, thieves have no way of knowing this and cut the wires regardless hoping to unlock the vehicle. We now have a situation where thieves don’t gain access; however, you also are prevented. Getting into the rear of a Transit, especially if there is a bulkhead fitted, is not easy and usually means cutting off the rear door hinges. The Cable Guard prevents the wires from being cut.