May 28, 2020

Motabars Guide to Immobilisers

An engine immobiliser is a security device to prevent theft of vehicles. It uses an electronic chip embedded into the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of the vehicle which prevents the engine starting without the use of an authorised key. Smart Key fobs on most modern vehicles now contain a transponder chip which stores an electronic … Continue reading “Motabars Guide to Immobilisers”

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Motabars Guide to Ghost Immobilisers

Ghost immobilisers offer added protection against theft of keys, key cloning, hacking or keyless entry, which effectively give thieves access to your vehicle. How do ghost immobilisers work? Ghost immobilisers add an extra, discrete security measure for vehicle owners on top of the traditional coded key fob. Engines will only start if an additional, unique … Continue reading “Motabars Guide to Ghost Immobilisers”

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May 21, 2020

Motabars Guide to Dashcams

A dashcam is an onboard camera, fixed to either the front or rear of a vehicle to take continuous recordings during journeys. The majority of dashcam users have a front facing camera affixed to the dashboard of their car. This is so it records the road ahead during journeys, and will record incidents and accidents, … Continue reading “Motabars Guide to Dashcams”

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